Today I am talking about relationships.

It can be of any type. Say mother-daughter relation, father-daughter relation, brother-sister relation, boyfriend-girlfriend relation, etc.
What is important in this relationships is to maintain them from starting to end.
Now a days we see that many of us are forget about our culture, ethics, just to show the world that how cool we are.
And by doing this, we forget that we have some important people in our life, to whom we have to spent some quality time, just to maintain our relationships.

Today, I am going to tell you all that how to maintain your relations.

  1. Give proper time

          Now a days, what we give someone is our time. If you want an honest relationship with anyone, so you just have to give some quality to that person. So do whatever you want to do, but u just make sure to spent some time with your loved ones. :-*

   2.   Make A Rule.
         You just have to make one simple rule, and that rule is to make a call or text to your loved ones in a week atleast. So by doing this, you are always connected to those people, with whom you want to connect.
  3.  Importance.
       Try to find out, who is important for you. Like your Parents, your BFF, your Lover, or anyone.
When you have realization that this person is important for you, automatically you want your relation with that person stronger.

Try these simple tricks and enjoy your life with ease.

Love you all.Thanks for reading my post.

See you all in my next Blog. :-*

About Beauty

Hey You Beautiful Ladies Out There,

I am here today to talk about some beauty tips for Summer.
As we know, its summer tym n we need to be more careful about our skin.
So, here I m going to give you all some beauty hacks to deal with this summer.

1) Keep yourself Hydrated.

We all know that hydrating our body in summer is most essential.
So try these things to Hyderate yourself with some taste, because we all know that           drinking only water is a tough task. 😉
Drink these drinks in some time differences 😛

  •  Start your Morning with : 2 glass lukewarm water with some honey n lemon. This will keep your body fit n fresh.
  • Then how about Watermelon Juice ?  A bigggg Yessss 😉
  • Cucumber juice 🙂
  • Again Lemon Water.
  • If you like Mango (BTW, who don’t 😀 ) then you can drink as “Panaa”
  • (Try This to make Panaa – Boil 4-5 raw mangoes, then peel them n collect all the pulp, then add some sugar n salt according to your taste, add 3-4 glass of waters, n then drink. M sure u all love this. )

2) Carry these things with you always.

  • A water bottle.
  • Tissues for your Rescue 😉
  • 1 small spray bottle with the mixture of simple water n rose water.

3) Makeup.

  • Use always waterproof makeup.
  • Try to avoid heavy makeup, otherwise you will end up with cakey face 😉
  • Always use primer before makeup.
  • And keep yourself as simple with some primer, your favorite cream, some baby powder, kajal n lipbalm.
  • Always moisturize your face.
  • Use Toner in night.

4) Body.

  • Always moisturize your Full Body.
  • Take care of your hand and toe especially, because it is most effective areas of your body in summer.
  • Use some good quality of Sunscreen always, before leaving your house.

5) Hairs (Most Important 😉 )

  • Always carry Scarf or Umbrella with you. (Most preferably Scarf to cover your face n hairs. )
  • Always Oiling your hairs, say 1 or 2 hours before you are going to wash your hairs.
  • Use lemon juice n yogurt once in a week in your hairs, keep them for one hours n then wash.
  • Steaming is very important for your hairs. Once in a week 😉

Try these basic things n see changes in your skin in this Summer.


National Policy For Women


See, as a woman I always faces some problems like teasing on road and so many little things. This disturbs me sometimes. All I wanted to do at that time is to slap those bastards. But the fear in me is always creates a hurdle for me that what if they do something more than this, I am alone here, Nobody is there to come and save me from those jerks.

So according to me everyone should have rights to take action against this.

“You should create some hoardings of large size and paste them all over India in each n every point. Whether its an urban area or rural area. So that everyone should aware and take some proper action against this, without fearing. And for those bastards, there should be a penalty of one year in jail, after that no job for them and nothing”.

On that hoardings, you should right
“Save Women’s,”
Today She is unknown to you,
But tomorrow she may be your Sister, Mother, Daughter, or Anyone, who is known to you.

Thank you.